Here’s A Golden Treasury Of Meme-y Costumes Spotted At The 2012 HallowMEME Party

The Internet would be a cold, dark, dead place without memes. What would we have to talk about — POLITICS?!? I think not. It’s such a boring topic, unless, for instance, a presidential candidate says something dumb, in which case the Internet turns a lame thing into something fun, and thus a meme is born.

Last night was the fourth annual HallowMEME Costume & Contest Party at the Bell House Brooklyn, New York, in which people were invited to dress up as their favorite memes. Unimpressed McKayla was represented, as was Pervert Stringray and Sad Skrillex.

We sent out our favorite photographer, the lovely Nadia Chaudhury, to take pictures of the Redditors, breastfeeding moms, and shamed dogs alike. Here are the costumes we enjoyed the most.

Voted the best costume overall.

This guy went as the “Batman Slapping Robin” meme, but his Robin backed out at the last second, which is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.