The Most Clever And Thought-Provoking #YesAllWomen Tweets

On Friday night, a scat-gargling douchecanoe (I’m not typing his name because f*ck him) committed a spree murder in Isla Vista, California, after posting a YouTube video about “annihilating every single girl in the sorority house” because he was a virgin who absurdly believed he was entitled to women’s bodies. (Two of the murders took place outside the Alpha Phi sorority house.)

It didn’t take long to view his digital footprint and find a pathetic, entitled brat who referred to himself as “the perfect guy” and “the supreme gentleman” and who frequented message boards for “Men’s Rights Activists”, a sadsack group of mostly little boys who are 99% white and 91% aged 20 or younger. Wow. What a loser. What a stupid, dead loser.

Unfortunately, egomaniacal manchildren who think they’re entitled to women’s attention are a sadly common phenomenon, and women on social media began sharing stories with #YesAllWomen.

The hashtag was started with this tweet by @gildedspine on Saturday. Unfortunately, she had to set her account to private just a day later because of the negative attention. The original tweet called for #YesAllWomen as a response to the “not all men” excuse, whereby selfish jackasses try to derail every mention of sexism by saying “but not all men are like that”, because God forbid women talk about real events in their lives without some creep demanding accolades for not having raped anyone yet. Congrats, dude. Supreme gentleman status attained.

Reading #YesAllWomen to see people sharing personal stories they have in common is both comforting and yet deeply depressing. If only the common ground didn’t have to be, “Hey, remember that teacher who was a total creep towards 13 year old girls, and the first adult you told made excuses for him?” (True story.)

Some of the most clever and thought-provoking #YesAllWomen tweets from the weekend are collected below. Thanks to @gildedspine, Gina Denny, TIME, and ONTD for the assist.