Trevor Noah Got The Giggles While Greta Thunberg Judged Self-Congratulatory People On The Subject Of Climate Change

Greta Thunberg’s often in super serious mode due to the nature of her activism (the climate change crisis, obv), but she sure knows how to let loose when the moment is right. Witness her expert shading of Ted Cruz after he failed to realize that the Paris Climate Agreement is not specific to Parisians but got its name because it was signed in Paris. She also took a well-timed swipe at Trump (who fired plenty of shots at her) on his last day in office. And when all of the major late-night hosts banded together to fight climate change, Greta popped up on The Daily Show to speak with Trevor Noah.

Of course, things also got real when Noah asked, in the middle of everything, whether Greta — a Nobel Prize multi-nominee and winner of several activism awards (who gives away her award money) — ever felt like she needed a break from her reputation. “On a personal level,” the host asked. “Do you ever get tired of being a person who everyone expects to speak about climate change?”

It was like the floodgates opened. “I’m so tired of talking about the climate by now,” Thunberg admitted. And a lot of that appears to have to do with people thinking that they saved the world by recycling a plastic bottle before hopping on a jet plane. Well, Greta has had enough of those folks’ self-congratulatory, micro-greenwashing ways.

“And people always try to tell me that I should be impressed by them,” Greta revealed. “Like, ‘I took the bike to work today’… okay, I don’t care. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. It’s really like that.” Fair enough. At that point, Trevor Noah caught those giggles.

Watch Greta tell you like it is at the 4:00 mark above.