Someone Got An ‘Awesome’ Tattoo Of ‘The Dress’ On His Leg

The history of mankind won’t be written using a computer; it’ll be tattooed on some guy’s leg. Soon after “The Dress” took over the Internet the way the Bubonic Plague did Europe in the 14th century, Texas-native Daniel Howland got it forever immortalized in ink on his body, because “I didn’t see a reason not to,” which, fair.

“I pretty much got it because, I mean, I keep up with all the social memes and hysteria and whatever, and this is the only one that I really couldn’t wrap my brain around. So I just decided to do it.”

“I have an awesome tattoo on my leg,” Howland said. “It’s just dumb.” (Via)

Good thing he didn’t go with his original idea, Bros Icing Bros. I’m sure The Dress will never grow old.

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@nickyork9000 did a thing on my leg

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