The Joseph Gordon-Levitt Career Timeline

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I have a serious fascination with kid actors who end up being talented and well-balanced enough to pull off legitimate adult acting careers (Haley Joel Osment, what happened?). The odds and human psychology are just so stacked against them. Check out Film Drunk’s “child actor” tag or the how great Andy Keaton is doing if you need a refresher. Let’s be real: If these poor sons of b*tches manage to stay off meth and out of prison it’s a huge success.

So when a kid actor like Joseph Gordon-Levitt manages to kick odds in the teeth and become a legit A-list actor whose work I find myself looking forward to seeing, well, I think that feat deserves me cranking up the photoshop and reminding everyone that the Angels in the Outfield kid is Hesher! You totally forgot, didn’t you?! I knew it!

JGL, keep fighting the good fight. I’m looking forward to awkward Patrick Swayze jokes.