You Know You Want One: The Nic Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard

In keeping with the internet’s obsession with all things Nic Cage, particularly his ever-evolving hair styles (see the Nic Cage Hair Style Challenge), someone named Brandon Bird made a Nic Cage hairstyle whiteboard, which you can own for a mere $20, plus shipping and handling.

Recreate your favorite Nicolas Cage hairstyles or devise ones that have yet to exist in any reality apart from the one that exists in the macabre dreamscape of your own twisted fantasy with this handsome dry erase board!! It’s made out of tempered hardboard, and it’s shiny, and it’s about as big as a placemat (9″ x 12.5″) which leaves you plenty of room to draw haircuts AND write reminders to make a payment on your own haircuts.

It also comes with TWO custom dry-erase markers and two strips that are adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other side!

This is what I’m getting everyone on their birthday this year.

(Via Laughing Squid)