This Clever Easter Egg From ‘The Office’ Calls Back One Of The Series’ Best Episodes


The Office may have gone off the air nearly five years ago, but that doesn’t stop fans from endlessly discussing the series over on Reddit in the Dunder Mifflin subreddit. Plus, the added bonus of rewatching old episodes is that you never you who or what is going to pop up.

To that point, while recently rewatching the seventh season episode “Garage Sale,” in which the Scranton Dunder Mifflin warehouse holds a public garage sale while Michael agonizes over how to propose to Holly, one eagle-eyed Redditor spied the following Easter egg.

Yes, that would indeed be the very same plasma TV featured in the acclaimed (yet excruciatingly difficult to watch) season four episode “Dinner Party,” in which Michael — at the time in a relationship with Jan — insists that Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela all come over to the couple’s shared condo for a dinner party.

Tensions escalate between Michael and Jan throughout the evening culminating in Jan smashing her boyfriend’s beloved $200 plasma TV with his Dundie award, as the others are forced to sit and watch. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Michael would be getting rid of a symbol of his toxic previous relationship as he gets ready to start a new chapter with the woman of his dreams.

It also makes sense that the character of Michael Scott would attempt to sell a completely useless broken TV that was outdated in the first place. Classic Michael.

(H/T, Mashable)

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