‘The Office’ Fans Are At Odds Over A Very Important Question About Jim And Pam’s First Kiss

It’s been over six years since The Office ended its nine season run, and yet, people can’t stop talking about it. Case in point, the official Twitter account for the beloved NBC series inadvertently triggered a firestorm this week by innocently tweeting out a “fun fact” that star John Krasinski’s first on-screen kiss was with Jenna Fischer in the season two finale, “Casino Night,” in 2006.

Fans that will recall that “Casino Night” is the episode in which Jim finally confesses his feelings to Pam, who in turn tells him that they can’t be together because she was still engaged to Roy at the time. However later, as Pam is discussing the evening’s turn of events with her mother over the phone, Jim returns and dramatically kisses her, and she kisses him back.

Except, as it was quickly pointed out, Jim and Pam’s first first kiss was in the episode “The Dundies” earlier that season,” when Pam felt God in that Chili’s that night and gave her friend a quick smooch.

But was it? Being that it was a supposedly “friendly” kiss, and that Jim technically didn’t kiss her back, people are going all revisionist history and claiming that one didn’t even count.

Whoever runs The Office Twitter account brought receipts, however, citing a 2016 Sundance interview when Krasinski claimed that his first onscreen kiss was in “Casino Night.”

And then, as they say, all hell broke loose.

Fischer and her costar Kate Flannery also jumped in to further tease fans:

The account that started the whole thing continued to fan the flames throughout the day:

Can both sides be right? Clearly, from an actor’s perspective, it’s easy to see why Krasinski would consider “Casino Night” as his first onscreen kiss — as he didn’t even do the kissing the first time around. But if you want to be technical about it, that was actually Jim’s first kiss with Pam … we think?

Maybe some Parks and Recreation fans would like to weigh in.