‘The Office’ Alumni John Krasinski And Jenna Fischer Are Having A Twitter Feud Over The Stanley Cup


Celebrity Twitter feuds: They’re the cure for regular Twitter feuds. Following in the footsteps of such faux-beefs as Hugh Jackman vs. Ryan Reynolds, two former on-screen lovebirds from one of Netflix’s most popular programs are duking it out over the great sport of hockey. We’re of course speaking of the one-time The Office alumni Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, i.e., John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, reunited over their love for different teams competing for this year’s Stanley Cup.

This year it’s come down to the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues. Krasinski, a Massachusetts boy, is pro-Bruins; Fischer, a native of St. Louis, is for the Blues. As caught by Entertainment Weekly, it all started when Fischer lent her notoriety and unbridled enthusiasm to the Blues’ official Twitter account.

Krasinski re-tweeted the video, but not out of support. Instead, his RT came with the word “Uh-oh.”

The sports world, and Sports Twitter, embraced the not-quite-feud, asking fans to pick #TeamJim or #TeamPam.

One fan went so far as to repurpose the classic Office moment in which Michael Scott body-checked his HR nemesis Toby Flenderson on the rink.

Another fan roped in poor Stanely Hudson.

The Stanley Cups don’t begin until Monday, and the Bruins appear to have the upper hand, having won nine consecutive conference final games and seven consecutive playoff games. The Blues have never taken home the Stanley Cup, nor have they seen the final in nearly 50 years. Maybe they’re due and Pam will be triumphant.

(Via EW)