‘The Office’ Is Reportedly One Of The Five Most Popular Shows On Netflix


When NBC debuts its streaming service in 2020, it’s “not likely” that shows like 30 Rock will be removed from other streamers, like Netflix and Hulu. The Office, in particular, could exist on both, considering how popular it continues to be. No one’s willing to give a definitive answer yet, although NBC Entertainment co-chairman George Cheeks was surprisingly forthcoming on the show’s streaming viewership, especially when compared to notoriously-secretive Netflix.

When asked about the future of the Steve Carell-starring sitcom, he replied, “The Office has been on Netflix for 10 years and it’s still in their top 5. The licensing deal is up in a couple years, it will be interesting to see where that goes.” It’s unclear whether that’s top-five licensed show, or top five shows overall (which would include originals), but combined with former-chairman Robert Greenblatt’s previous comments, it’s clear The Office is a big hit:

Cheeks noted that NBC properties currently housed on other platforms will be judged for inclusion on the new service on a case-by-case basis — which may very well have something to do with pricing. (See Warner Bros. and Netflix’s recent extension of Friends, despite WB’s upcoming platform of its own.)

There are a lot of economics involved, most of which are boring and confusing. If only someone could dumb it down for me, possibly using a 100 Grand Bar.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)