The Rock Came Through For A 101-Year-Old Fan With A Birthday Serenade

We could all stand to witness some sweetness and light today, and The Rock is here to oblige. The megastar recently opened up about his family’s struggle with COVID-19, but he seems to be feeling much better now. His spirits were certainly high enough to send a video (as posted by Twitter user Jamie Klingler) containing a serenade to 101-year-old Marie Grover on her very important day. Given that he was entirely alone while buzzing along on a golf cart, The Rock removed his mask and let his birthday tones fly.

“This is the joy that we need in 2020,” Klingler wrote. “Thank you @TheRock for helping us to celebrate #grandmomgrover’s 101st birthday! She loves you and we do too.”

This actually isn’t The Rock’s first rodeo with Grandma Grover. During happier times for all, The Rock still made time during his busy 2019 to send a centennial-themed shoutout her way. The gesture was noted by CNN and around the world, and thank goodness Grandma Grover is still kicking and surviving 2020. She (and her boundless enthusiasm) can be an inspiration for all in how to remain positive during incredibly negative times. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be serenaded by a charismatic WWE-turned-movie star. Only hydraulic gates should be unhappy to see him coming.