The Rock Showed Off His Jacked Superhero Legs While Marking The Start Of ‘Black Adam’

Over five years ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson first revealed his casting as the DCEU’s Black Adam in a standalone movie, and back then, we did not know that it would be a follow up on the success of 2019’s Shazam! It sure looked like production on the long-gestating comic-book movie would begin last year, and The Rock even posted some training photos to that effect, but you-know-what happened. After another very long year or so of waiting, The Rock is ready to finally get down to filming, and it sure looks like he’s gotten serious about how his legs will look in tights.

In other words, The Rock appears to have been skipping cheat meals, but he surely has not skipped leg day. While adorned in very long sleeves and a healthy dose of sweat, he could resist showing off those jacked legs. “It’s always the work we quietly put in when no one is watching that changes the game,” he wrote. “Grateful for the grind… (and the face of my Warrior Spirit always watching my back)… Production kicks off this week.”

Previously, a deleted Shazam! scene (included in the Blu-Ray release) suggested that Black Adam’s arrival was imminent. Yet the film’s planned take on this character, who was once Egypt’s greatest champion, remains somewhat nebulous, even in the recently brightened-up DCEU. The comics-version of Black Adam has danced between supervillain-or-antihero to varying degrees, so yeah, The Rock’s incarnation could go either way. About a year ago, The Rock did call his character “a rebellious, one of a kind superhero” with “powers equal to SUPERMAN.”

So… superhero (or antihero) and probably not a villain with corrupt powers still intact? It may not matter because everyone will be staring at those legs.

Black Adam will arrive in theaters on July 29, 2022.