The Rock’s Stunned Reaction To His Doppelgänger Cop Is Pretty Darn Perfect

There’s not much good news out there in the news these days, but a lot of people got a kick out of a story coming out of Alabama. An Alabama sheriff’s deputy from Morgan recently started receiving a lot of attention due to his more-than-passing resemblance to The Rock. That’s gotta be a weird experience for civilian-types whenever he pulls someone over or knocks on a few doors, given that The Rock himself recently caused a bus full of tourists to absolutely lose it when he drove past them. And in case you’ve yet to a double take over The Rock’s law enforcement doppelgänger, well, here’s your chance. Here’s Lieutenant Eric Fields speaking with the Weekend Express‘ Susan Hendricks about his surreal life. The comparison photos in this video tell the tale.

Well, The Rock caught wind of this fella (from a Bleacher Report tweet), and he’s as surprised as everyone else at the uncanny resemblance. He reacted accordingly on Twitter (“Oh sh*t! Wow”) while adding a self-deprecating remark (“Guy on the left is way cooler”). He also expressed the desire to have a drink (yep, The Rock plugged his own tequila brand here, but who can blame him?) with Fields one day (to discuss those inevitable “Rock stories”), and yep, I hope that moment ends up on Instagram.

This might be the most feel-good story of 2021. Go ahead and fight me on that one.