The Classic Tamagotchi Is Returning To Make You Feel Like An Awful Parent All Over Again

Still struggling with coming to terms with the abuse you put your Tamagotchi through in the ’90s? Get ready to experience those feelings of guilt, shame and eventual homicidal rage anew! Bandai is bringing the classic era Tamagotchi back.

One of the more 2017-friendly fads of the ’90s, the Tamagotchi delighted/frustrated children of the Clinton years as a digital pet that you’d have to feed, discipline and remove poop from at assorted hours of the day and night. A 2015 take on Tamagotchi arrived via the Apple Watch, but it helps to have the ol’ timey technology to fully appreciate the voluntary torture associated with the toy.

Mashable reports that the Japanese re-release has been tweaked to be half the size of its 1996 predecessor, but that’s the only major change. The original six characters are waiting for your initial love and future neglect. We suppose the manner of obtaining a Tamagotchi is a bit different too. Retailing for 1,900 yen (a little over $17 U.S.), this re-release is exclusive in Japan. Presumably the amount of interest generated in North America over a potential return to our shores might nudge a U.S. arrival.

Sort out your feelings on your Tamagotchi past and future while checking out this nostalgia-beckoning commercial for the re-release.

(Via Mashable)