‘The View’ Hosts Went In On Jedediah Bila After She Criticized COVID Vaccine Mandates During A Remote Interview

After abruptly abandoning her seat on the panel in 2017, paving the way for Meghan McCain‘s reign of terror, former The View co-host Jedediah Bila returned to the daytime talk show for the first time on Tuesday to promote her new book. It did not go well.

While not uncommon these days, Bila was conducting her interview remotely, but it didn’t take long for Joy Behar to point out why that was the case: Bila wasn’t allowed in the studio because she’s unvaccinated. Not only that, but she claimed to have “sky-high, multi-tier, multi-faceted natural immunity.”

Once that “information” was out the in open, Bila, who recently left Fox News back in May, began railing against vaccine mandates, and her talking points about natural immunity got so out of hand, that Sunny Hostin started calling for the whole interview to be shut down.

Via Mediaite:

Bila defended herself by referring to the CDC’s warning that transmission is possible for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Sunny Hostin shook her head at Bila’s argument and told her “I don’t understand why you would prioritize your personal freedom over the health and safety of others.”

“I don’t think we should allow this kind of misinformation on our air,” Hostin told Bila straight-up. “I’m really sorry, my friend. I’m really sorry.”

At that point, Whoopi Goldberg stepped in to end the segment because they were running out of time. However, things got very awkward when Whoopi let the audience know they’d all be receiving copies of Bila’s book despite the tense exchange that just went down. As always, Whoopi’s face said it all as The View cut to commercial.

Whoopi Goldberg Face Jedediah Bila The View

(Via Mediaite)