‘The View’ Hosts Did Not Like It When Guest Amber Ruffin Called Donald Trump ‘Hilarious’: ‘He’s About As Funny As A Herpes Sore’

People are still reeling from news on Monday that Elon Musk was set to purchase Twitter. It was a hot topic the next day on The View, where the ladies did not seem to buy the world’s richest man’s claim that he was strictly trying to protect “free speech.” One big worry is that Musk may reinstate former president Donald Trump, who was permanently banned shortly after helping foment the Jan. 6 riot. But when guest Amber Ruffin argued that that wouldn’t entirely be a bad thing, her hosts weren’t buying it.

“I think Trump is going to come back to Twitter and it’s going to be horrible, but also very hilarious,” Ruffin told her hosts. “We forget how hilarious Trump is.”

Mind you, Ruffin wasn’t saying Trump is a funny guy, like, on purpose. She meant that he has a peerless knack for saying and doing things so bizarre that one reaction — often the most therapeutic reaction — is to laugh at, not with, him. She brought up a recent example: Trump saying he calls “nuclear” the “n-word,” which is the kind of inventive insanity only his very weird brain is capable of creating.

“And I’m sorry, but Trump is very horrible,” Ruffin said amidst giggles. “We all dislike him very much. That man is hilarious. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.”

But her hosts weren’t laughing along with her. “You know, I used to think he was funny,” said Joy Behar. “But, no, he’s about as funny as a herpes sore. I don’t think he’s funny.”

Ana Navarro, noted “Never Trumper” Republican, agreed. “To me, he’s as serious as a heart attack,” she said.

And yet Ruffin’s point stands. After all, remember the trucks? Or the orb? Or his recent Easter message to all the “radical left maniacs”? On the other hand, Behar and Navarro aren’t wrong either.

(Via The Daily Beast)