‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Swatted Away Rumors That ‘Covid Hysteria’ Made Her Sit Alone In A Room Wearing A Mask

When The View returned last week for its latest season, Whoopi Goldberg was noticeably missing from the table despite reports that the entire cast from the previous would be returning. While online rumors quickly started to fly about her absence, the reason was no big mystery: Goldberg had Covid.

Of course, Goldberg making remote appearances sparked a different kind of conspiracy theory that she was racked with “Covid hysteria” because viewers read far into what they were seeing at home.

“People didn’t see that there was someone else in the room with you,” producer Brian Teta explained to Goldberg. “So there was a lot of, ‘Whoopi’s wearing a mask in a room alone in our house and it’s empty and stuff like that.’ There was a longer version of the video which you put on social media where you said, There’s somebody in the room,’ you were protecting somebody else.”

Whoopi wasn’t having any of this nonsense. Via Mediaite:

“I don’t know why you think you have the info. You don’t know anything about my house. If there are people and I’m sick and I can’t control how to do this stuff, he comes in, he’s my assistant. He comes in. You will have noticed he had on two masks and gloves. Because he is very paranoid about getting Covid,” Goldberg said.

“Relax, y’all, you don’t know what I’m doing unless I tell you,” Goldberg said.

There were also rumors that Whoopi’s assistant was a “mystery man,” and she set the record straight on that one, too.

“If I was getting any, you would know because I would tell you ‘I’m getting some,'” Goldberg said. “Right now, I’m not interested because I just got over Covid and it’s too damn hot.”

(Via Mediaite)