‘The View’ Went Off The Rails Thanks To Whoopi Goldberg Going Deep On The Difficulties Of Pool Sex

No one can derail a panel discussion like Whoopi Goldberg. While tackling the subject of vacation sex during Wednesday morning’s episode of The View, Goldberg initially seemed annoyed with the conversation. She even went so far as to tear up her note cards before looking at producers off-camera and asking “Seriously?”

However, the topic continued unabated thanks to Joy Behar who brought up her love of the Sex on the Beach drink, and soon, Goldberg couldn’t resist joining the conversation. Although, by the time Goldberg was finished, the producers were visibly wishing she hadn’t.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“You know, sex on the beach is overrated,” Goldberg said. “Because, you know, if you tried to have sex in the pool, you know that’s not easy. Because you’re trying to go up the hill and you’re getting resistance from the water that is within. Because when you’re in the pool you’re surrounded in the water. Have you ever tried to put anything…”

At that point, Goldberg stopped talking as she noticed everyone from her co-hosts to the audience was dying with laughter. She then turned to producer Brian Teta, who was trying to hide his face at the hilarious chaos that just ensued.

“Oh, you’re trying to move me on now?” Goldberg said to a laughing Teta as he attempted to cut to commercial. “You tell me, ‘Get engaged in the conversation,’ then I start to get engaged, now you want me to stop talking?”

As the segment came to a crashing end, at least one person defended Goldberg’s aquatic lesson. “I was learning things!” Sunny Hostin could be heard saying.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)