Tumblr Alert: The White House Is Now Tumbling Things

On a day typically reserved for throwing out news with the garbage, the White House went and joined Tumblr! Years after President Obama joined the site himself (via his presidential campaign), the official house of the president published its first post this afternoon.

What did they promise to bring us? Well, according to their first entry:

We’ll post things like the best quotes from President Obama, or video of young scientists visiting the White House for the science fair, or photos of adorable moments with Bo. We’ve got some wonky charts, too. Because to us, those are actually kind of exciting.

It’s clear they have an understanding of the Internet — all of those things constantly go viral on Tumblr. But it’s not all about them, it’s about you too. Like Obama’s Tumblr, they want to answer your questions, allow you to share your stories and engage with the platform.

Oh, and they promise there will be GIFs. On that note: Bo GIFs are a must!

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