This 18-Year-Old’s Four-Inch Tongue Puts Gene Simmons To Shame

Move over, Gene Simmons. There’s a new girl in town with a tongue so long it puts the KISS bassist’s infamous licker to shame. Eighteen-year-old Adrianne Lewis has a tongue that measures at four inches long – possibly beating out Guinness World Record holder Nick Stoeberl, whose tongue measures a measly 3.97 inches.

At the very least, her tongue is definitely longer than current female record holder Chanel Tapper, whose tongue is listed at 3.8 inches. Sadly, Adrianne’s tongue has never been officially measured by Guinness, which has also reportedly rejected her record submission three times, but that hasn’t stopped Chanel from celebrating the teen on her Facebook page and declaring her the new record holder. If anything, it’s a moral victory.

For those wondering, the correct measurement is from the tip of the tongue to top of the lip, which doesn’t seem very scientific to me. But Adrianne’s tongue is the real deal: long, supple, flexible. Capable of many feats of dexterity and strength. She can roll it, flick it, turn it into a little cup. Most of us have tried and failed to touch our tongues to our elbows on a dare, but Adrianne succeeded. What’s the next step for that kind of talent? Touching her tongue to her eyeball, of course.

As for all the dirty things you’re curious about – keep in mind she’s only a teen and not answering any questions on that subject. But she will answer other non-pervy questions on her Youtube channel. And check out this video for even more freaky tongueplay:

(Via BuzzFeed)