Watch This Pushy News Reporter Get Owned By A Daycare Employee

Last week in Memphis, a 22-year-old suspected drug dealer, Terrell Phillips, attempted to flee after he was seen selling drugs by police by forcing his way into a midtown daycare center. According to Terri Oliver, the director of The Academy Childcare and Preschool, the suspect knocked on the door and an employee answered it, naturally assuming he was a client.

You really can’t fault a preschool for opening the door of their business to someone who, in all likelihood under 99.9% of ordinary circumstances, would have been a parent or a relative of a child under their care — but that doesn’t stop Fox’s WHBQ affiliate local news reporter Trey Paul from trying. And oh boy, does he ever try. I would have preferred Ms. Oliver not have brought Sandy Hook into it, but under the circumstances she overall does a pretty unflappable job of shutting down Paul’s belligerent line of questioning that basically attempts to hold the daycare responsible for the erratic actions of a drug dealer being chased down by police.

Every time he asks basically the same question, the daycare director dumbs down her answer just a little bit more, but the entire thing still goes on for an excruciatingly uncomfortable five minutes. All I can say is that I hope this dude got a warning and not a bonus after this.

(Via Reddit)