This Refrigerated R2-D2 Will Slowly Bring You A Beer

Haier Asia is a Japanese appliance company that, with a licensing agreement through Walt Disney Japan, has produced an R2-D2 replica with a refrigerated body that can store cans of soda or blue milk. It moves just like other droid replicas (his head spins, he rolls and makes sounds, and though I didn’t see his radar and projector lights actually light up, the company claims it does), just kind of slowly since it’s an actual working fridge.

It appears he only has room for a 6-pack, but he’s remote controlled, so if you’re really looking to impress your friends at your next party, this is for you. I’m stupidly an R2-D2 specific collector and just spent $5 on mints to get the R2-shaped tin they came in, so I’m already saving money for this because that’s what OCD gets you. At least I’m not hoarding cat turds.

In the video above, Haier Asia CEO Yoshiaki Ito presents the droid on stage in Tokyo, grabbing a water out of it and then carrying on with their other licensed appliance projects: giant decals you can stick to the fridge. Were you aware that you can’t make pasta carbonara without a giant Qui-Gon Jinn head staring at you? There will also be Marvel-themed fridge covers, in case you really want Iron Man in your kitchen.

They’ll begin marketing these products next year, though they haven’t disclosed a retail price for the R2 unit.

via Gizmodo