Three Women Who Were Being Cheated On By The Same Jerk Renovated An Old School Bus And Embarked On A Cross-Country Road Trip Together

When 18-year-old Bekah King, 19-year-old Abi Roberts, and 21-year-old Morgan Tabor discovered that they were all dating—and, as a result, being cheated on—by the same guy, they did what any trio of young women in a feminist Gen Z road movie would do: Spent more than two months renovating a school bus that’s a good decade older than any of them and embarked on a cross-country road trip together, which they’re documenting on social media.

Dubbing their ride the BAM Bus—for Bekah, Abi, and Morgan—The Washington Post reports that the women began their epic journey about a month ago, departing from Boise, Idaho and journeying to Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. From there, they headed to Jackson, Wyoming and visited Grand Teton National Park. At the moment, they’re in Bozeman, Montana, and hope to end up on a beach in California by the time autumn arrives.

“We’re living our dream life, having a blast,” Tabor told The Washington Post. “It’s incredible to think that it happened because of him.”

Though it happened because of the unnamed cheater, the trip has nothing to do with that jerk. He just happened to have a type, and it’s those similarities that led the trio to forge an immediate bond when they first learned that one of the many things they had in common was the same boyfriend.

It was Tabor, who had dated the guy on and off for a few years, who first noticed that the man she believed to be her exclusive boyfriend was texting and communicating on social media with a lot of young women in a rather flirtatious way. Some further excavating on Instagram led her to Roberts, who also believed she was in a committed relationship with the same dude. “This guy had literally slept at my house the night before, kissed me goodbye and said he was driving back to Boise [from Utah] to visit his family,” Roberts recalled of the day she was contacted by Tabor.

In fact, Tabor was FaceTiming with Roberts when said boyfriend showed up with flowers—then saw who she was talking to. “Watching his face drop when he saw who I was talking to on FaceTime was the most cinematic moment ever,” she said.

Together, Tabor and Roberts found at least a half dozen more women who were also dating this guy, including King. While the man in question could undoubtedly be in contention for Worst Boyfriend Ever, the romantic deceit turned out to be fortuitous as far as friendships go.

“What this guy did to us doesn’t define our lives,” Roberts said. “We all feel really blessed that we found each other. We’re friends for life.”

We smell a movie deal!

(Via The Washington Post)