TMZ Wants To Talk About Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Somewhere near the corner of ‘Why Not’ Avenue and ‘Please Don’t’ Boulevard sits the office of TMZ, the employees of which spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about female celebrities like they’re pieces of meat. In this particular clip, a gentleman sets up a story about Kim Kardashian by suggesting that “many people wanted to know how Kim would hold up, and by Kim, we mean her ass. Would it look great, or would it get all out of whack?”

This is a dude’s job. He wakes up every morning and looks at himself in the mirror and thinks… actually you know what? I’m not even gonna soapbox here. Just watch it for yourself. Or don’t! Actually, don’t. Like her or not: this is a real person we’re talking about here. I’m Team Kanye on this one. If there was a dude out there who made it his (actual, real) job to talk about my wife’s ass, I’d go gorillas, too.

(h/t: TMZ)