Tomi Lahren’s History Of Anti-Trans Comments Resurfaced After She Defended Caitlyn Jenner From ‘Despicable’ Conservative ‘Attacks’

Caitlyn Jenner spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend as part of her campaign to replace Gavin Newsom as the governor of California. The reality show star was greeted with transphobic abuse, including “heckling and deadnaming outside the conference, while anti-trans skits and denouncement of gay people went on inside,” according to LGBTQ Nation. Conservative sh*tposter Tomi Lahren, last heard from referring to flight attendants as “Nazis of the air” for enforcing mask mandates, came to Jenner’s defense on Twitter.

“Hearing how some ‘conservatives’ treated @Caitlyn_Jenner at CPAC makes my blood boil. There’s no room for your hate in the America First movement. We believe in freedom and we believe in limited government. The way she chooses to live her personal life harms you in no way!” she tweeted on Sunday night, adding, “The attacks on @Caitlyn_Jenner are despicable. I’ll go to bat for her every single time and if you want to take my ‘conservative’ card for it, take it and shove it.”

“Your mob is no better than the Left’s and in fact, it’s uglier.”

It’s good that Lahren called out the sickening transphobia that Jenner faced at CPAC. Less good is Lahren’s own history of anti-trans remarks. Back in 2017, GLAAD even put together a list of some of her most hateful comments (there’s been more since).

-Supported President Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving openly in the U.S. Military: “The military is not a social experiment. Finally a POTUS who understands the concept. Political correctness=intellectual dishonesty!”

-Claimed liberals don’t have an actual argument to support transgender service members; adds that people only support it because it “feels right.”

-Said Trump’s repeal of Obama transgender guidance did nothing more than “return America’s taxpayer funded bathrooms and locker rooms to normal.”

-Went after and deadnamed Chelsea Manning by saying, “trans traitor Chelsea Bradley Manning,” and “him, well, I guess her now.”

Others called out the hypocrisy of Lahren, a frequent Fox News guest who has compared the Black Lives Matter movement to “the new KKK” and falsely described Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) as being “tolerant of Sharia Law,” claiming that conservatives don’t “do” hate. The proud anti-vaxxer tweeting about how someone chooses to live their “personal life” being their choice and their choice only also did not go unnoticed.