Tomi Lahren Is Getting Slammed Over A Tweet Asking Why Citizens Of ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Don’t Stay There

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01.12.18 21 Comments

Fox News

It’s a never-ending cycle. Donald Trump says something offensive, and those on the left express shock and outrage while the right scrambles to defend his latest gaffe. Even after Trump’s “sh*thole” remarks made during a bipartisan immigration meeting on Thursday, which many are calling a new low for the president, Fox News personalities like Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters didn’t seem to see what the big deal was. Likewise, Toyota Lasagna — err, Tomi Lahren managed to find something to say in support of the President of the United States calling other countries “sh*tholes,” in one very bad tweet.

“If they aren’t sh*thole countries, why don’t their citizens stay there? Let’s be honest. Call it like it is,” Lahren tweeted early Friday morning — proving that her Twitter feed is still where decency and common sense goes to die.

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