Tomi Lahren Got Scorched For Mocking Two ‘The View’ Hosts After They Tested Positive For Covid (On The Air)

Chaos erupted on the set of The View on Friday morning as co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro received positive COVID test results live on their and were forced to immediately leave the studio. Vice President Kamala Harris was just moments away from appearing on the daytime talk show for an in-person interview, which only added to the urgency and confusion.

In the clip below, you can see the grave expression on Hostin and Navarro’s faces as they receive the news that they both tested positive and instantly walk off set as Joy Behar and Sara Haines try to discern what’s happening from producers. After Hostin and Navarro leave, an understandably confused Behar tries to keep the show going by bringing out the vice president, but receives the “no” from off-camera.

After cutting to commercial, Behar addresses the elephant in the room by accurately noting that the show is about to become a major news story. She reveals that Hostin and Navarro received positive test results, but they will be fine because they’re both vaccinated “up the wazoo.” Obviously, it was a very serious and potentially dangerous situation, which could have infected the vice president. But, of course, that didn’t stop conservative commentator Tomi Lahren from taking a cheap shot at The View.

“Well, apparently the super health cautious ladies of @TheView may be the super spreaders they lecture you about!” Lahren tweeted.

As is often the case, Lahren was quickly dragged in the replies by users noting that the pandemic would be contained if conservatives like her would stop spreading misinformation and encouraging vaccine hesitancy. Also, it was a pretty low blow even for Lahren.