An Old Clip Of Sen. Tommy Tuberville Falling Down Some Stairs Is Going Viral In The Wake Of His Continued F**kery With The Holding Up Of Military Promotions

Tommy Tuberville used to be an award-winning college football coach. Today he’s best known for holding America’s military hostage during the Israel-Hamas conflict. The far right Alabama senator refuses to budge on hundreds of military promotions, including top officers in the Army and the Navy. His reason? He wants to change Pentagon abortion policy first. Even after fellow Republicans urged him to relent, he simply doubled down. So here’s old footage of Tuberville falling down some stairs cued to ‘80s solo Phil Collins.

Per The Big Lead, the footage — which one person mashed to the immortal drum explosion from Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” — dates from 2014, when Tuberville was head coach at the University of Cincinnati. It shows him eating crap while descending from a private airplane. To make it even more embarrassing, Tuberville was en route to the Military bowl, where Cincinnati lost to Virginia Tech, and badly.

The clip resurfaced this week, partly due to Tuberville’s congressional antics, partly because of his history of dragging Joe Biden for taking some spills. That’s why one of the first people to share it, one Jason Cooper, did so.

Hey, we all fall down sometimes. Most, though, don’t do what Donald Trump once did, which is walk weirdly on a ramp, because Biden’s the one who’s frail.

(Via The Big Lead)