Dim Bulb Tommy Tuberville’s Attempt To Paint New York City As A Crime-Ridden Boschian Hellscape Backfired Spectacularly

Today’s MAGA conservatives are a famously untruthful bunch, led by a guy who keeps getting sued for defamation. But there’s one lie that’s stranger than most: They’ve been painting New York City as a crime-ridden Boschian hellscape that’s slipped back to its gritty 1970s low point. Guess what? It’s not! It’s arguably the safest it’s ever been in its 400-year history. That doesn’t stop some in the GOP from claiming otherwise, even if crime is way, way, way worse in their own states. Enter noted dim bulb Tommy Tuberville.

The college football coach-somehow-turned-powerful Republican senator was among the rightwing voices thrown into a tizzy over Joe Biden eating ice cream Monday. His contribution to the furor was a little weaker than most, though: “Hope @JoeBiden enjoyed going out for ice cream in NYC while the rest of the city is afraid of crime and migrants.”

Tuberville could have asked any New Yorker if they think they’re living in the original Death Wish. They could have then laughed in his face. Crime has been tumbling for decades; it fell another 4.1% from 2022 to 2023. (That said, hate crime has been on the rise, some of it fueled by racist anti-Asian statements made by people like Donald Trump.) But Tuberville didn’t do that, and so he got rigorously owned on social media.

The most common attack on Tuberville wasn’t simply that he was wrong. It was that his own state of Alabama has a far higher crime rate. His tweet earned a brutal community note:

New York City’s homicide rate is 4.8 per 100,000. Alabama, the home state of Sen. Tuberville, has a homicide rate three times higher (15.9 per 100,000)

Others reminded him of his error.

The city’s mayor, who’s not exactly loved by his citizenry, even got in on the action, throwing in a reference to his recent dunderheaded comments about IVF that got him schooled last week.

Speaking of, some New Yorkers are far more scared of a powerful senator who controls women’s reproductive rights than some fictitious crime wave.

Besides, the nation’s finest city is so tough on crime one of its most prominent criminals was even found guilty of fraud.

Tuberville also received some miscellaneous jokes.

Tuberville’s no stranger to being dunked on social media. Last fall, as he was holding up hundreds of military promotions as a stunt, people tried to make themselves feel better by sharing an old clip of him falling down some stairs like a clutz.

(Via Mediaite)