Frosted Flakes’ Tony The Tiger Is Blocking Furries On Twitter

tony the tiger
Getty Image

He’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s independently wealthy, he’s grrreat (in the sack). It’s no wonder furries have a thing for Tony the Tiger.

Frosted Flakes’ jacked mascot, who debuted in 1951, has been a frequent target of advances from fans of anthropomorphic animals (Zootopia is their Star Wars). The sensation was first noticed by Twitter user Alex Jacob, with a follow-up from Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg, who collected these gems.

Things have gotten so out of hand that Tony’s official Twitter account is now blocking furries. Thus, #TonyTigerGate was born.

Need a shoulder to cry on, furries? Here comes Chester Cheetah.

As if anyone would have sexual fantasies about him. Atomic orange dust would be EVERYWHERE.

(Via Gawker)