Trevor Noah Explains Why Marjorie Taylor Greene Actually Got A ‘Pretty Sweet Deal’ By Losing Her House Committee Seats

Trevor Noah had a lot to work with Thursday night when it came time to focus on wacky QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who was stripped of her House committees by the Democratic majority earlier in the day. Thanks to her past social media use revealing a cornucopia of controversial activity like harassing Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg, supporting calls for the execution of Nancy Pelosi, writing that the California wildfires are caused by Jewish-owned space lasers, and accusing Hillary Clinton (and other Democrats) of being part of a satanic cabal that mutilates and eats babies, Greene attempted to downplay her QAnon beliefs by admitting that school shootings and 9/11 are “absolutely real.” Or as Noah described it, “I’ve never seen someone try to delete her browser history in real life.”

However, The Daily Show host questioned the decision to remove Greene from her committees, which he called a “pretty sweet deal” that could backfire on those who wish to silence her. “Her punishment is to do less work for the same amount of money,” Noah said. “The last thing you want to do with a crazy person is to give them more time to be crazy.”

In an either hilarious or terrifying coincidence, Greene had the exact same thought. The embattled congresswoman fired off a tweet on Friday morning where she essentially threatened to make ample use of her recently opened schedule.

“I woke up early this morning literally laughing thinking about what a bunch of morons the Democrats (+11) are for giving some one like me free time,” Greene tweeted. “In this Democrat tyrannical government, Conservative Republicans have no say on committees anyway. Oh this is going to be fun!”

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)