Trevor Noah Roasted ‘Catty B*tch’ Mitch McConnell Over His Heel-Dragging On Raising The Debt Ceiling

While donning a catty gossip persona on Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah roasted Mitch McConnell for his frustrating, yet wildly predictable refusal to help the Democrats raise the debt ceiling and keep the government funded. Despite the fact that the Democrats worked with McConnell when they were the minority party, the congressional turtle has always been about obstructing the opposition party at every possible turn. It’s the kind of hot gossip you’d love to dish if millions of American weren’t depending on the government staying open especially during a pandemic.

Here’s Noah dragging McConnell on being his usual “catty” self:

“Mitch McConnell, you are one catty b*tch — and I love it. Mitch is bringing the best kind of dramas to this fight — the pointless kind. I mean, does he have any reason to block this bill? No. Is he doing it anyway? Oh, hell yeah. He’s sending back his steak at a restaurant even though it’s cooked perfectly because Mitch knows that sometimes eating out isn’t about the meal. It’s about fighting with that sexy chef.”

While that was a light roasting, Noah twisted the knife in the back end of his segment where he called out McConnell for basically not giving a crap what happens if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

“And let me tell you, Mitch does not care that the Democrats helped him raise the ceiling when he was the HBIC,” Noah quipped while still in character. “You think he’s losing sleep over this? No, no. My man is sleeping good using a pile of his own face skin as a pillow. Trust me.”