Trevor Reed Is Hell-Bent On Taking Down Marjorie Taylor Greene In Retaliation For Her Delaying His Release From A Russian Prison

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a knack for pissing people off. Just ask Trevor Reed, the former U.S. Marine who in 2020 was sentenced to spend nine years in a Russian prison after being accused of endangering the “life and health” of a Russian soldier in 2019. Reed, who was recently released after serving two years of his sentence living in horrific conditions, is now back in the U.S. with his family—who have never stopped fighting for him. And, as he told CNN’s Jake Tapper, he’s ready to exact a bit of revenge on lawmakers like Greene, who voted against measures that would help bring him home sooner.

In an interview that aired on Monday night, Reed told Tapper that he looked forward to meeting the many House Republicans who had kept him locked away in a Russian prison cell for so long and how he planned to “go to every single one of their campaigns and thank them personally about that.” While Greene wasn’t the only GOP member on Reed’s sh*t list, she took the brunt of his annoyance as part of a group of Republicans who had slowed down the passage of legislation that would allow him to be released. “How do you justify that?,” Reed wanted to know, before noting:

“That’s embarrassing to me that anyone that represents the United States would vote against something like that. I’m sure that the Russians loved that. I’m sure that they’re all big fans of all of those congressmen who did that. That’s completely unacceptable to me. it’s embarrassing. And I better not see that ever happen again to any other Americans because I promise that I will be at every single campaign that that person runs for the rest of their life to tell everyone that they did that.”

Joey Reed, Trevor’s dad, is just as bothered by Greene and what he describes as “her cronies and that small group of idiots.” Like his son, Joey is also a former Marine, and told Tapper that he was disappointed with the way the service branch handled his son’s imprisonment.

“We heard nothing from Marine Corps,” Joey Reed said. “Not a single representative from the Marine Corps. No Marine Corps groups.”

As Paul LeBlanc wrote for CNN:

Ultimately, Reed was returned to the US as part of a prisoner swap in exchange for Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian smuggler convicted of conspiring to import cocaine. The US commuted his sentence.

“We need to do absolutely everything we can, as Americans, to advocate for those Americans who are being held illegally overseas and do every single thing we can possible to get them out,” Reed told CNN.

You can watch Reed’s full interview here.

(Via CNN)