Apparently Donald Trump Isn’t Very Good At Running A Wine And Whiskey Bar

As the Republican Party (and apparently even Russia) plead with Donald Trump not to seriously pursue a 2024 presidential run after he cost the GOP a red wave in the midterm elections, another one of the former president’s failures is coming to light. Turns out, the Trump-owned 45 Wine & Whiskey Bar is not doing so hot even with a primo spot inside Trump Tower, which is also not doing so hot.

After previously visiting the location in January and finding it mostly empty, blogger Emily Colucci gave Trump’s whiskey bar another shot to see if maybe the Omicron wave had hampered interest in the presidential eatery. Not so much. Even with the streets bustling outside, the 45 Wine & Whiskey Bar (along with Trump Tower itself) was still empty. In fact, the restaurant wasn’t even open during its normal business hours.

Via Filthy Dreams:

The only sign of life in 45 Wine & Whiskey was a lone mop bucket. In this dearth of humanity, the mop bucket took on added significance. A humble representative of the working people that continue to care for this gaudy boondoggle of pink marble and gold, probably rarely getting their check on time. Chillingly symbolic.

Now, don’t go thinking I arrived at Trump Tower without checking the hours. 45 Wine & Whiskey Bar was set to open at 1 PM, according to the website. I was at Trump Tower at 1:40 PM, quite a while after its supposed opening time. And a mop bucket doesn’t exactly broadcast: We’re opening soon! So, where was the rest of the staff? Where was…well, anyone?

While snapping pictures, Colucci did notice one interesting piece of memorabilia that definitely stood out more on her second trip. A “Top-Secret folder” encased below a picture of Trump in the Oval House.

“I believe this indicates Trump’s possible intent with those documents,” Colucci wrote. “Memorabilia!”

(Via Filthy Dreams)