Meghan McCain Trolled ‘LOW ENERGY’ Trump By Live-Tweeting His ‘Boring’ 2024 Announcement

Meghan McCain has never been shy about her disdain for Donald Trump, even during the times when she held her nose and defended his administration against their shared enemy: The Democrats. But when it came time for Trump to announce his 2024 presidential run on Tuesday night, McCain did not hold back. After watching the party suffer a humiliating defeat in the midterm elections, McCain is joining the growing number of Republicans who would like to see Trump go away now, please.

The former The View co-host started in on her target before he even took the podium. She posted a GIF of Jack Nicholson drinking in response to the campaign’s official FEC filing, which made it clear that Trump was actually going to run.

Once the announcement began, McCain mocked the event with a notably Trumpian insult. “LOW ENERGY” she tweeted in all-caps before asking, “Why is this so boring…?” McCain then likened the speech to a scene from Napoleon Dynamite. “The whole vibe is giving Uncle Rico talking to Napoleon about what a great football player he used to be in high school.”

You can see McCain’s live-tweets below:

McCain capped off the night by retweeting the following In Bruges meme that roasted the current state of the GOP:

Not content with dragging Trump on Twitter, McCain devoted her latest Daily Mail column to letting the former president know he’s going to have to do “a hell of a lot better than this” if he wants to compete against candidates like Ron DeSantis:

This was no repeat of the ‘Golden Escalator’ moment from the 2016 campaign, when he descended into the lobby of Trump Tower and proceeded to shock the nation with his first announcement of a White House bid.

Frankly, it was low energy. Trump was not bombastic, enthusiastic or compelling. The speech was flat, and it lacked purpose.

“He didn’t offer any new vision for the country,” McCain wrote before placing the lack of a red wave at Trump’s feet. “In fact, he just repeated the GOP talking points that led to one of the most disappointing midterm election results in modern political history.”

(Via Meghan McCain on Twitter, Daily Mail)