Trump Walked Out Of An Interview With ’60 Minutes,’ And People Have Theories About What Happened

President Donald Trump is in the final two weeks of his re-election campaign, making the case that he’s the only one who can calmly steer America out of months of mismanaged turmoil. So far, he hasn’t been particularly reassuring. Between recording deranged videos on the White House lawn, getting into a feud with the most trusted person involved in the COVID task force, and dancing weirdly to The Village People, he may have only succeeded in driving away any sensible people still unsure how they’re voting. If you had “storms out of a 60 Minutes interview” on your Trump Bingo card, guess what? You made a pretty good guess.

As per CNN, the sitting president of the United States lasted all of 45 minutes in a one-on-one with Lesley Stahl, one of the calmest and most old-school reporters on the longtime infotainment show. The news was broken by CNN’s White House reporter, Kaitlan Collins, who did not provide specifics on what drove Trump from the chat.

“Apparently there was some drama while President Trump was taping his 60 Minutes interview today. He abruptly ended his solo interview after around 45 minutes & did not return for a scheduled walk & talk he was supposed to tape with Pence,” Collins tweeted. She pointed out that Pence and his running mate were supposed to do another, joint interview with Stahl, which wound up not happening. Pence taped his separately, as did their rivals Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as part of the same segment.

Again, details on what happened have not been revealed, but it wasn’t hard to social media sleuths to come up with their own possible solutions. One wild theory? It did not go well.

It sure seems suspect.

Perhaps it happened because Trump does not tend to do well outside of his own protective bubble.

Maybe he really thinks that he’s going to lose.

Someone pointed out he couldn’t even do 60 minutes.

Whatever the case, attacking trusted sources like Stahl and Dr. Anthony Fauci are curious ways to wind down a campaign.

Will he play it off as people once again being mean to him?

That said, Trump was quick to spin the incident on social media, tweeting out a very brief video of Stahl not wearing a mask, which he also does not enjoy doing. He also threatened that there was “much more to come.”

But some people weren’t buying it.

In any case, if you, too, find this kind of stuff exhausting and would like it to be replaced by an administration far more boring, make sure you’re ready to vote on November 3. If you need some help figuring out the rules to your state, the cast of Succession’s may be able to help.

(Via CNN)