Trump Appears To Be Coming Up With New Wild Stories About His 9/11 Experience

Where were you on September 11th? If you’re Donald Trump, the story changes every year.

His latest bit of survivalist fanfiction puts him square in the wreckage of downtown after the Twin Towers fell. At least, that’s what he told Newsmax during an on-air interview Tuesday evening. The twice-impeached former president guested on the show to share more of his memories of that terrible day. He’s previously claimed he saw footage of “thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey cheering when hijackers rammed two passenger jets into the buildings downtown. That was a lie. He claimed he lost “hundreds of friends” when the buildings fell, but, since he’s yet to name a single one, and that was likely a lie as well. He said he watched a woman jump from one of the buildings after the plane crashed into it, all the way from his penthouse uptown — which means he either has unbelievably good eyesight or he was once again lying. His latest 9/11 revisionist fantasy though sounds like the best one yet.

Trump told Newsmax (via Raw Story) that he was at Ground Zero after the towers fell, doing his part to help clean up the wreckage and search for missing civilians. He claimed he brought a crew of people with him, though he’s never offered proof of his assistance in the two decades since the attack, and that he himself was rescued by a couple of very strong, very brave firefighters.

“We were hearing creaks, I’ve never forgotten it, it was I think the United States Steel Building it was called at the time, and it’s 50 stories tall, and we heard creaks,” Trump said. “I said ‘That building is going to come down,’ and two big firemen grabbed me, and grabbed other people, and they just moved out of that area. Never came down but I never heard a noise like that. And it was a scary situation, but the job they did was so incredible, the first responders.”

Now look, I love the plot of a good romance novel as much as the next person. Who doesn’t dream of “two big firemen” manhandling them every once in a while, but that kind of fantasy storytelling belongs on Wattpad and Tumblr, sir, not on a “news” channel that’s broadcasted to people who already have a hard time discerning what’s real and what’s a figment of their disturbed imaginations.

(Via Raw Story & The Daily Beast)