Would You Believe That Another One Of Trump’s Attorneys Seemingly Admitted (Twice) That His Client Committed A Crime?

Before Donald Trump even stepped into the courtroom to be arraigned for his third indictment on Thursday, his attorney Alina Habba made a startling confession while talking to reporters: The former president knew he lost the 2020 election. This admission flew in the face of Trump’s defense that he “believed” the election results were false, and therefore, his actions were protected speech.

Habba’s remarks were a pretty stunning admission, and apparently, only the beginning. That same day, another Trump attorney John Lauro seemingly confessed to another one of the former president’s crimes during an interview.

“President Trump wanted to get to the truth. He desperately wanted to get to what happened during the 2020 cycle. He did it in the courtroom. He did it in lobbying legislatures, that’s all First Amendment,” Lauro told Newsmax before making another startling admission. “And then at the end, he asked Mr. Pence to pause the voting for 10 days, allow the state legislatures to weigh in, and then they could make a determination to audit, or re-audit, or recertify. But what he didn’t do is send in the tanks.”

To be clear, Trump is being charged with obstructing the election certification process, and asking for a 10-day “pause” is exactly that. It was a surprising admission from Lauro, who admitted it again while talking to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

“What President Trump said is, ‘Let’s go with option D,'” Lauro said via Newsweek. “Let’s just halt, let’s just pause the voting and allow the state legislatures to take one last look and make a determination as to whether or not the elections were handled fairly.”

Just like Habba’s admission, Twitter went wild over the fact that yet another Trump attorney was on camera basically admitting to the charges against him.

You can see some of the reactions below:


(Via Newsweek)