Trump Said That Rich Beverly Hills Residents Smell Bad Because Of California Water Restrictions That Don’t Exist

Donald Trump claims Joe Biden is the one with the broken brain, but what if that’s mere projection? The former president has been particularly mind-mushy of late, claiming his successor wants to start World War II and that it was Jeb Bush, not George W., who kicked off the Iraq War. There’s also been stuff about windmills killing whales. His latest leftfield target? Smelly rich people from Beverly Hills.

Per ABC 7, Trump spoke at a Republican convention in Orange County, California on Friday. In between his usual fascist-y threats and making fun of Nancy Pelosi’s husband for being savagely beaten by a home invader, to the delight of the crowd, he went on some bizarre detours. One was about water consumption in the Golden State, particularly in wealthy Beverly Hills, where he claimed they can’t take long showers and therefore stink.

“They pay millions of dollars in taxes. They’re taking a shower, they’re told to hurry up, you’re only allowed a small amount of water when you’re taking a shower,” Trump told the Anaheim crowd. “That’s why rich people from Beverly Hills generally speaking don’t smell so good. Their hygiene is not good. But it’s forced to be that way.”

He added, “So when you meet somebody with a beautiful house in Beverly Hills, you know that person is sort of disgusting under there.”

He also launched into an extended bit about his tragicomic attempts to wash his weird hair.

Is Trump right about California’s water restrictions? Of course not. According to ABC 7:

California does not have mandatory restrictions on shower times and did not impose any during the worst of the drought, though Gov. Gavin Newsom at one point did ask residents to make voluntary cutbacks in their overall household water usage.

During the drought, the state did have restrictions on outdoor water usage, such as watering of lawns. But after a very wet winter this year, the state eased most of those limits.

Needless to say, it doesn’t matter if what Trump told his fans is true. They’ll eat up anything he says.

(Via ABC 7)