Trump Appeared To Condone Calling For ‘Civil War’ Over Inflation, And People Are So Completely Over This Nonsense

Donald Trump famously pretended to be surprised after his “fight like hell” speech led to the January 6 insurrection. In reality, he was so overjoyed about his MAGA army attacking the U.S. Capitol that he rewound footage to enjoy it afresh, and he was (of course) thrilled to see his followers “fighting for me.” So naturally, he hasn’t learned anything from the experience and is cosigning the thought of “Civil War” waged by Americans who are fed up with inflation.

Trump apparently logged onto his Truth Social platform and shared a tweet from a user named “MAGA King Thanos” (naming himself after the MCU villain who committed genocide is quite the touch), who believes that Civil War is the answer, even though he’s all-in for an ex-president who managed to sit out of military service while claiming bone spurs and who fears windmills. Never mind that Trump’s practically admitting to spurring on January 6 by calling for Civil War, and a whole lot of GOP-ers are staying quiet on the issue. Some Republicans are fed up, and that includes the Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, who tweeted a sarcastic “Nothing to see here” and “no biggie” while the Lincoln Project urged people not to see this as “normal” behavior.

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger felt likewise, and he asked why more Republicans aren’t pushing back at Trump’s consistently dangerous rhetoric. He pointed out that those who call for “civil war” can’t even be bothered to mask up during a pandemic, let alone be expected step onto a battlefield. Democratic Rep. Eric Stalwell joined in, too.

From there, people hoped that the FBI is paying attention while also pointing toward a certain section of the U.S. Code, which calls for prison time in response to anyone who incites insurrection. Lots of eye rolls going on out there.

Happy Monday, y’all. What a start to the week.