Trump, Whose Brain Is Definitely Not Rotting, Was Dragged For Belatedly Realizing ‘U.S.’ And The Word ‘Us’ Are Spelled The Same

The MAGA crowd loves to point out that Joe Biden is old. They love to claim his brain is going. They’ve also gone all-in for a guy who can’t spell “rumor,” who claimed Biden was going to get us into “World War II,” who boasted that one of his biggest fans is fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter, who keeps bragging, to this day, about once “acing” a basic cognitive test. That exam was three years ago. Perhaps he wouldn’t do so hot if he took it now. Indeed, here’s him during a campaign speech on Monday.

The former president was talking about current French president Emmanuel Macron, who he says is “for France.” Well, of course, he is. He’s their president. Trump, meanwhile, “is for us.”

Speaking of the word “us,” do you know what Trump, who is a 77-year-old Ivy League graduate who was elected 45th commander-in-chief of the United States, just noticed?

“You know how you spell ‘us,’ right? U.S. I just picked that up,” Trump told the crowd.” Has anyone ever thought of that before? I’m reading and said us. You know, when you think about it, ‘us’ equals U.S.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be yet another Trump triumph if he didn’t milk his win for self-pity.

“If we think of something genius, they’ll never say it,” Trump added, presumably referring to the media. “We get 25, 30, 40, 50, 80,000, 100,000 people at these speeches, they never say Trump’s a great speaker. Never said it, I never heard it. I said to my people, ‘Do you think they’ll ever acknowledge I must be doing okay?”

He then talked about how handsome he is, which he argued must be why people don’t remark on his oratorical prowess.


Those who weren’t blown away by his good looks couldn’t help but notice that his “genius” observation would only be smart if it was said by a young child.

Others couldn’t believe — even after eight years of this mishegoss — that he’s still doing so well politically.

Some felt they’d gotten dumber watching him speak.

Many thought it was proof yet again that it’s his brain, not Biden’s, that’s turned to mush.

There were assorted jokes.

Or maybe, as someone noted, Trump was just stoned.