The Internet Thinks Trump Ripped A Big Fart During His Notorious Georgia Phonecall

There was a lot that was appalling about Trump’s notorious Georgia phonecall this weekend. He begged secretary of state Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to flip the state, which he lost by nearly 12,000. He straight up told him to claim he’d “recalculated” the votes in his favor. He complimented the last name of an attorney named Ryan Germany, which was weird. He also might have — in a story picked up by Pop Culture and later extrapolated upon by Defector — also farted. Loudly.

Not long after The Washington Post released the full hour-long audio of the smoking gun of a chat, one internet sleuth a) appeared to listen to the whole thing, which ye gods, and b) singled out a moment during the 51-minute mark in which Trump seems to let ‘er rip mid-sentence, in the midst of a nonsensical rant about corruption. He even says “excuse me.”

It’s a muffled recording, so it could have been anything. Maybe he moved weird in a particularly noisy chair. Maybe one of his minions farted instead. Or maybe the outgoing president really let an audibly wet one into the air while trying to steal an election.

It was a moment eerily reminiscent of a similar moment from another of his team: when Rudy Giuliani let loose an ambiguous fart sound while also trying to baselessly argue voter fraud. But whatever the case, it sure sounds like a fart, and others agreed, especially since it betrays Trump’s lack of self-control.

Of course, let’s not take our eye off the ball here. Fart or no fart, it happened while he was trying to, at the very least, undermine democracy so he doesn’t suffer legal and economic hell.

(Via Pop Culture and Defector)