Rudy Giuliani Claims That Trump Is ‘Doing Great’ Post-FBI Raid, Despite All Freakout Reports To The Contrary

Rudy Giuliani stopped by Real America’s Voice on Thursday morning to let right-wing viewers know that Donald Trump is doing just fine after the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago. In fact, he’s stronger than ever. According to Giuliani, he recently spoke to Trump, who is apparently encouraged by the devoted MAGA supporters who are once again ready to fight for his honor even as January 6 rioters continue to face jail time and federal charges. Following the raid, “Civil War” started trending on social media, and it apparently lifted Trump’s spirts.

“The president’s doing great,” Giuliani said. “I called him last night expecting that I was going to have to bolster him up. First thing he said to me is, ‘I think they’ve gone too far, Rudy.’ … Look at all those people in front of Mar-a-Lago. He said, ‘Our people understand what happened, they understand it, don’t worry.’ I said, well, I’m calling you to tell you that! [weird laughter]

While Giuliani is obviously attempting to do damage control for Trump, in reality, the situation is not looking good. As more details emerge about the raid, an informant reportedly told the FBI where to find classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. The New York Times also ran a report detailing Trump’s penchant for hoarding presidential documents in cardboard boxes, which may now be in the FBI’s possession. That revelation has reportedly shaken Trump so much that he’s reportedly accusing friends and cronies of “wearing a wire.”

In short, the former president is not “doing great.” He’s freaking out, man.

(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)