Yes, Trump Is Facing A Slew Of Indictments, But One Reportedly Has Him Way More ‘Angered And Agitated’ Than The Rest

Donald Trump has never had trouble picking favorites. Favorite child? Ivanka. Favorite sport? Golf. Favorite condiment? Ketchup. It’s practically effortless, and the same can be said for his many indictments. Only in this case, favorite means the one that’s ruining his life the most.

According to CNN reporter Kristen Holmes, the RICO charges levied against the former president in Georgia “angers and agitates” Trump the most and his aides “know how serious this case is.” Holmes has personally seen Trump’s anger while talking to him about the situation in Georgia.

Via Raw Story:

“After the arrest in Georgia, he was upset… and angry and lashing out,” she said. “This is the case that has continually plagued him. Now, he maintains that he did nothing wrong when it comes to this case, and that he has every right to say that the election was stolen, and to question the election. But again, we know specifically this case is one that makes him particularly angry and agitated when he is looking at the legal landscape.”

Holmes’ revelation arrives on the heels of the unsealed grand jury report that showed just how close Lindsey Graham came to being included in the indictment. The jurors overwhelmingly voted to charge Graham for his involvement in Trump’s election meddling scheme, but District Attorney Fani Willis opted not to include the South Carolina senator.

Instead, Willis focused on Trump and 18 codefendants, five of whom have already flipped on the former president as of this writing.

(Via Raw Story)