Trump Says That He’s Happy To Be Off Twitter Because ‘Tweeting Gets You In Trouble’ And His Press Releases Are More ‘Elegant’ Anyway

Donald Trump is happy Twitter canceled him. No, really guys. He is. The former president called into the Newsmax, the conservative network giving him plenty of air-time lately, to let his fans know just how happy he is to no longer have access to any form of social media. A prolific tweet-er, Trump mostly focused on the deactivation of his Twitter account, a channel he used to push baseless voter fraud claims during the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s Twitter feed was also the source for some cringe-worthy retweets — like the time he shared a Mussolini quote and the countless times he retweeted things posted by white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

So really, we’re all better off without it but the polarizing reality TV star wants the public to know he’s especially grateful to be operating offline. Why? Because if Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hadn’t given him the boot he would’ve never discovered the lost art of the press release. That’s right. According to Trump, he prefers sending out hard copies of his ongoing business and political ventures because — and we’re quoting him here — they’re more “elegant.”

“Frankly they’re more elegant than tweeting, as the expression goes,” Trump told Newsmax. “They’re really much more elegant. And the word is getting out.”

Yes, slapping a bare-bones letterhead on a plea for relevancy that claims you’re actually responsible for the millions of people being vaccinated under your successor’s watch is really much better than a 280 character spelling and grammar-challenged social media post. It’s true. Trump also claimed that his new routine of announcing his day-to-day happenings via press releases saved him from the “trouble” that Twitter often got him into.

“You’re retweeting people, and you find out that the retweets were not so good, because the person — if you didn’t do research — that you’re retweeting is not the best,” he said. “I like this better than Twitter, actually they did us a favor.”

Well, he’s not wrong there.