Trump Once Hit On A Mourner And Showed People Pictures Of Naked Women While Visiting A Shiva, According To New Report

In a lengthy The New Yorker profile on Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan district attorney tasked with combing through Donald Trump’s questionable finances, journalist Jane Mayer uncovered a shocking and yet not entirely surprising anecdote about the former president. As part of the investigation into the Trump Organization, the company’s CFO Allen Weisselberg is now under the microscope in an attempt to get him to flip on Trump. Through the Weisselberg connection, Mayer was able to get in contact with his former daughter-in-law, Jennifer Weisselberg, who remembered her first encounter with Trump at a shiva in the early 2000s where he acted with all the poise and class that America has come to expect from the one-term president.

Via The New Yorker:

Jennifer told me that she first met Trump before she was married, at Allen Weisselberg’s modest house, in Wantagh, on Long Island. That day, the Weisselberg family was sitting shivah, for Allen’s mother. Trump showed up in a limousine and blurted out, “This is where my C.F.O. lives? It’s embarrassing!” Then, Jennifer recalled, Trump showed various shivah attendees photographs of naked women with him on a yacht. “After that, he starts hitting on me,” she said. Jennifer claimed that Allen Weisselberg, instead of being offended on her behalf, humored his boss: “He didn’t stand up for me!” Asked about this, Weisselberg’s lawyer, Mary Mulligan, said, “No comment.”

While no specific date is given, Mayer reports it took place sometime before 2004, which is when Trump got engaged to his current wife Melania. However, the two had been dating since 1998, so it’ll be interesting to see how the former First Lady handles this latest accusation involving Trump’s infidelity.

(Via The New Yorker)