Trump Bungled An ISIS Offshoot Name And Then Dug In His Heels And Made It Worse, And The Jokes Poured In

Donald Trump Jr. appears to believe that his dad could swoop in like Batman and save Afghanistan from the Taliban, but the reality of the situation is, of course, far from that claim. Over the past few days, Trump has not only praised Taliban fighting skills but also shown that he has no idea what happened with the Dunkirk evacuation, and he kept that same vibe going while visiting with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and discussing the ISIS branch that’s responsible for the deadly bombings at Kabul airport checkpoints.

Trump would not stop referring to the ISIS offshoot terror group, ISIS-K, as “ISIS-X.” First, he botched the name, and then he (as noted by Mediaite) wouldn’t admit that he made an error. The “K” is a real addition, given that the group wished to differentiate themselves by denoting the letter for the historically relevant “Khorasan” region. Trump began by messing up with the “X” and also claiming that he’d “knocked it out” (meaning the original ISIS) of Syria and Iraq, and that they’re back with the ISIS-X business.

Then things got super confusing because Trump (regarding his error) doubled back and then conceded, yes, that there is an ISIS-K, but soon, there will be an ISIS-X, alright?

“They have people, as I said, that broke away because they weren’t–because the Taliban wasn’t mean enough and vicious enough. And that’s the new ISIS-X, where they broke away — or ISIS-K. They’ll have an ISIS-X pretty soon, which is going to be worse than ISIS-K.”

CNN points out that ISIS-K first surfaced in 2015, and “In 2018 it was ranked the world’s fourth deadliest terror group, claiming more than 1,000 lives.” Although Trump was president during those years, the “ISIS-K” really didn’t seem to ring a bell with him. Regardless, there were plenty of ISIS-X jokes out there, including a “Y’All Qaeda” shoutout.

And the Vin Diesel-tangential jokes rounded things out nicely.

(Via Mediaite & CNN)