Trump Has Really Let His Late Ex-Wife Ivana’s Bizarre Golf Course Grave Go To Seed

Donald Trump’s a little busy these days. He’s running for president for a third time. Speaking of threes, he has that many federal indictments, with a fourth almost certainly in the mail. It’s understandable that he’d neglect some things. For example, his late wife Ivana’s grave isn’t doing so hot these days.

According to The Daily Mail, the modest site — located on, of all places, the 506-acre grounds of his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course — honoring his first wife, who died last summer after a fatal fall down the stairs, are even sadder a year on than they were when first discovered. Pictures show the tiny stone plaque overrun with grass. One could easily miss it if one wasn’t looking.

When the grave was discovered last July, it took a small amount of snooping to suss out the bizarre-even-for-him reasons for why he buried his late ex-wife on a freakin’ golf course. In New Jersey, there is no minimum number of bodies required to designate a plot of land as a cemetery. And if cemeteries are exempt from all taxes, rates, and assessments.

So did Donald Trump really bury his first wife on a golf course to save a few bucks? And did he then forget to tell a groundskeeper to make sure her grave didn’t look like crap? In other news, this guy’s still incredibly popular with GOP voters.

You can see what he did to Ivana’s beautiful grave site over at The Daily Mail.