Trump’s Lawyer Had A Truly Weird Response To A Question About The Former-President And The Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant

Christina Bobb, former-president Donald Trump’s senior legal representative, appeared on something called NewsNation on Thursday to discuss the FBI’s raid at his Mar-a-Lago compound. “Will the president and his team object to unsealing the search warrant and the evidence recovered?” host Leland Vittert asked her (the Department of Justice is looking to unseal the warrant and make its contents public, which Trump can either consent to, or file a motion to block its release). Bobb gave a, let’s say, peculiar answer.

“It doesn’t appear at this time like we would object, but the court has ordered the Department of Justice to coordinate with us and to work on how that release would take place, and what that would look like. Our team has responded. We have reached out to the Department of Justice to coordinate that and have not been able to make contact,” she said (via Mediaite). Bobb continued:

“So, we’re waiting to hear back from them and we’re very eager. We know that people want information and we’re eager to respond as best as possible in coordination with the Department of Justice. So, we’re just waiting to hear back from them.”

That’s quite the word salad, which is weird, because Trump hates salads (unless it’s in taco bowl form).

Vittert pressed Bobb, wondering if “you guys have a copy of the warrant, and you’re given a receipt at the end of an FBI search warrant, why wouldn’t you just release that yourselves?” She answered, “Well, this is part of the discussion with the Department of Justice, of course we’re trying to do everything in accordance with the law —” Vittert cut her off to note that there’s nothing stopping them from doing just that. Bobb replied, “Other than decorum. I mean, we’re trying to work well with the Department of Justice.”

Trump is very concerned with decorum.

(Via Mediaite)