CNN Had A Field Day Roasting Trump And His ‘Pathetic, Tiny Little Crowd’ As He Left The White House For The Last Time

Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump went into the White House while directing his spokesman to tell blatant, huffy lies about his crowd size, but he can’t tweet out those same lies about his departure, four years later. Yep, Trump literally left the building early on January 20. He will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration but, instead, left for his Florida Mar-a-Lago residence. First though, he descended Marine One at Joint Base Andrews (for a final military send-off), and this is where things come full circle. Apparently, Trump’s planned departure rally did not go as planned. The chain of events as narrated on CNN was kind-of amazing.

Things looked calm enough when Jake Tapper tweeted footage of Trump flying away and made uneventful comment while kicking off coverage.

Then the dam began to break. Dana Bash got an initial dig in, saying that Trump “just looks like a small man” as he crossed the White House lawn.

And when Trump arrived at Joint Base Andrews, his followers weren’t really there for him. Wolf Blitzer flat-out called this a “pathetic, tiny little crowd.”

White House Correspondent Jim Acosta was on the scene at Joint Base Andrews, where the farewell Trump rally went as follows: “There’s no crowd at all here. This might be the smallest Trump rally ever.”

Acosta wasn’t done yet. He declared that the scene “feels more like a deposed autocrat going into exile.” And he quoted a Trump aide who stated, “Trump is like spoiled food in the refrigerator now. It’s just time to throw him out.”

Here was Acosta this morning, ready and waiting. And watching.

Trump out.